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The website “https://www.comfortseatbelt.it” is provided from:

Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti
Sede legale: Via Felice Cavallotti 63/C – 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
Partita IVA: 09767220966
Telefono: 393 200 67 92
Email: borismicheletti@yahoo.it

All contacts and communications by telephone via the number published on the website (3932006792), as well as all contacts and communications via email via the email boxes’ borismicheletti@yahoo.it ‘or’ info@comfortseatbelt.it ‘or’ prenotazioni@comfortseatbelt.it ‘, including those initiated by completing the forms on the website “https://www.comfortseatbelt.it”, as well as all rental services with driver offered on the site “https://www.comfortseatbelt.it” are managed and supplied, under their own exclusive responsibility.

Attention: in case of non-acceptance of all or part of these general terms and conditions of use, it is strongly recommended not to use the site www.comfortseatbelt.it.

These legal notices and general conditions define the conditions and methods of making available a free presentation, search and online booking service for car rental services with driver. These general conditions will be deemed integrated or modified, where necessary, by the specific conditions and methods of use of certain functions present on the site.

The service is reserved for natural persons deemed by the applicable law to be able to sign contractual documents. Anyone visiting the site and / or using the site and the services promoted on the site are considered to be users of the site, accessible at https://www.comfortseatbelt.it.


The user declares and acknowledges having read the present general conditions in their entirety. Furthermore, access to any of the services provided through the site accessible at: “https://www.comfortseatbelt.it” (hereinafter the “comfortseatbelt site”) implies acceptance without reservation of the present general conditions of use, by the user.

Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti reserves the right to modify any section of these general conditions at any time. The user is required to regularly consult the updated version of the general conditions published at https://www.comfortseatbelt.it/en/terms-and-conditions/. Each individual acceptance of the terms by the user refers to the version currently in consultation. In case of non-compliance by the user of these general conditions, Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti reserves the right to suspend the provision of services and / or to prevent the user from accessing them without any prior notice.


Presentation, search and online booking of car rental services with driver in real time

The comfortseat site allows the user, among other things, to obtain information, search and book car rental services with driver in real time.

Booking and purchase of services offered on comfortseatbelt.

The comforts web site allows the user, if he books through the booking procedure provided in the online reservation form on the comforts web site, or through telephone contact to the number published on the website, to take advantage of the conditions proposed by Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti.

In requesting information, quotes and making reservations, the Customer agrees that his contact and the content of his request may be exceptionally transferred to third parties for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the service in the event of incompatibility between requests and available resources. This communication of personal data is necessary to make the user’s request possible or to perform the service requested by the User and is governed by the Privacy Policy, which can be consulted at: https://www.comfortseatbelt.it / privacy-policy /.


In accordance with these general conditions, the use of the comfortseat site is free of charge for the user.

However, the user acknowledges that the comfortseat site allows access to paid services. In particular, the user acknowledges and agrees that the car rental service with driver provided by Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti and present on the comforts web site will be charged.


The user accepts the use of electronic messaging technology for the transmission of the requested information regarding the conditions, the termination or the execution of the contract that he wants to freely stipulate with the car rental company with driver Di Boris Micheletti. Specifically, all communications made and information exchanged through the email boxes ‘borismicheletti@yahoo.it’ or ‘info@comfortseatbelt.it’ or ‘prenotazioni@comfortseatbelt.it’ and the telephone number indicated on the website will be directly entertained, under his own exclusive responsibility, by the car rental company with driver Di Boris Micheletti.


All information regarding the methods of use and protection of personal data, the methods of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the use of personal data, as well as those relating to the use of cookies can be found at https://www.comfortseatbelt.it/en/privacy-policy-en/ and https://www.comfortseatbelt.it/en/cookie-policy/


The user expressly acknowledges that the photos presented on the site https://www.comfortseatbelt.it/ are not contractually binding.

User guarantees

Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti guarantees the use of all the most appropriate means to ensure the highest level of protection.


Acceptance without reservation of these general conditions

By browsing the website https://www.comfortseatbelt.it/, the user expressly accepts and without any reservation the terms of these general conditions and any special provisions contained on the site https://www.comfortseatbelt.it/.

Communication of accurate, honest and truthful information

The user is obliged to transmit accurate and truthful information, in particular, regarding the information requested in the forms on the website.

Verification of the methods of supply and the conditions of validity of car rental services with driver

The user is required to verify directly and personally through a telephone contact or e-mail contact with Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti the methods of delivery and the conditions of validity of the car rental services with driver applied by the same.


– Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti collaborates with other rental companies with drivers, with the same standards of quality and efficiency, and can use these for the performance of the services for which it considers it appropriate.
– In order to avoid that the car is not suitable for transport, the user is required to communicate any particularity concerning his baggage (high number or volume, surplus, small children, animals, etc …).
– It remains the discretion of the drivers, to load bulky items on the cars that are not declared or excess bags or that do not have the conditions of safe transport. (broken, dirty, wet suitcases, etc.)
– Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti undertakes in all reasonable ways to have its vehicles or vehicles driven by external collaborators reach the departure and arrival appointments in time, will not be responsible for delays due to causes beyond its control.
– The cars are all of recent registration and covered by insurance for themselves and for the transported and in order with the circulation permits in force in Italy and in E.E.C.
– The transport of passengers is entirely covered by the insurance that Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti has stipulated for its vehicles with third parties. Passenger properties are instead carried entirely under the responsibility of the passenger who declares the property at the time of boarding. Check the correspondence of your baggage at departure, responsibility for loss or damage cannot be accepted ALL TRANSPORTED ITEMS TRAVELED UNDER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY
– If Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti proves unable to transport passengers (or) to the destination booked and paid for reasons under their control through their own means and means of external collaborators, they will arrange the transfer by external means (TAXI, Rental with Driver , Car rental) and then reimburse the customer for the cost of this transport upon presentation of receipt / invoice. The reimbursement for the transfer cannot exceed the rates in force for the same agreed route.
– Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti can be held responsible for any costs and losses due to delays and errors directly attributable to our competences, in this case there will be a refund limited to € 200.00 per booking.
– Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti reserves the right to change at any time parts (or entirely) of these agreements without giving notice to customers, partners, tour operators or agencies.
– The customer is obliged to report to us as soon as possible any problems deriving from inefficiencies or failures directly attributable to our work. We will take care to quickly resolve any inconvenience and loss in full customer satisfaction.
– These transport conditions and all the services connected to them comply with the laws governing the sale of services in Italy, this guarantees the protection of the passenger and his baggage.
– Any dispute or dispute regarding the activities carried out between Autonoleggio Di Boris Micheletti and the customer, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Milan (Italy)

User behavior during the rental service with driver

Users of the rental service are prohibited from:

a) smoking during transport;

b) throw objects from both stationary and moving vehicles;

c) dirty, soil or damage the vehicle;

d) demand the transport of pets without having adopted, in agreement with the charterer, all the measures necessary to avoid damaging or soiling the car;

e) to demand that the transport be made in violation of the safety and behavior rules provided for by the current Highway Code.

Right to cancel the booking of the car rental service with driver and complementary services

The customer can cancel the booking by writing to us, sending an e-mail or by fax.
The cancellation of the car rental service with driver or complementary services, without penalty is accepted within 12 hours before the service. A cancellation fee equal to 50% of the service is applied to cancellations received within 6 hours prior to the start of the service.
In the event of a canceled flight or a delay of more than 30 minutes at the departure, the customer is obliged to notify our reservation number in order to guarantee the presence of one of our attendants on arrival. Failure to send notice of delay or canceled flight excludes the right to have the car available in case of delayed or delayed arrival and a 50% penalty will be given

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